We want to say THANKS for having been able to take part in the Erasmus + week in Santa Coloma de Gramenet with our European friends as part of the “EUjoy” project. We felt very welcomed by students and teachers of the Institut Ramon Berenguer IV. Please find some impressions and comments in the students’ feedback and in the e-book attached below.

“Our week in Santa Coloma, Spain was quite interesting and full of experiences. I learnt that language and culture do not prevent us from making new friends and building contacts with people from all over Europe. It was also an opportunity for me to learn new languages, that were spoken during those five days. I was forced to communicate more in Spanish, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone.” Šejla Kovačević 5CHW

“I have to say that projects like the EUjoy project are very important for students. Not only because of the details we learn about the EU, but also because of the different cultures we get to know. It was fascinating to see and hear what different traditions people from other countries have. Looking back I am extremely happy that I took part in the project and that I maybe will be able to see some of the students again.” Vanessa Kulmesch 4 AHW

“I have never been part of a student exchange before and I must say the experience was totally worth it. The family I stayed with in Barcelona was so welcoming and friendly, I immediately felt at home although everything was so different compared to my home. But that’s exactly what it should be about, right? A cultural exchange with everything included.” Stella Hribernik 5CHW

“The week included so many nice experiences and I think I’m talking for everyone, when I say that without the Erasmus-Program we would not have been able to gain all these experiences and we are all very grateful that the trip was financed by the European Union. That made it possible that even pupils could take part who would otherwise not have been able to afford the trip on their own.” Jefferson Nlemeke 5CHW

“The EUjoy-programme in the school in “San Taco” was very interesting, I really enjoyed the two presentations about the situation of Catalonia and the Brexit which was given by a young student from university. I was also enchanted by the performance of the climate project which left us all thoughtful.” Meryem Amet 5CHW

accompanied by: Herti Kienreich and Ilse Geson-Gombos