ICTHE Meeting in Vilnius

We, Ilse Geson-Gombos and Patricia Katharina Schober, are very grateful for having been invited to the „International Comprehensive Tool for Holocaust Education (ICTHE) Meeting“ in Vilnius from 7th to 9th September 2018.

In the ICTHE programme, colleagues from Austria, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Romania are working together to create a webpage - „Eternal Echos“. The site will allow teachers and students to access interviews with Holocaust survivors who share their stories of persecution and trauma. „Eternal Echos“ will also contain in-depth material on the Holocaust and the testimonies to work with in schools, thus providing students with a better understanding of the past.

A transnational approach is central for us and our partners in the ICTHE programme to overcome the atrocities of National Socialist terror and create a peaceful future in the European Union.