"Movies on the move"

eTwinning project - 3DHW

Movies on the move - eTwinning Project - 3DHW  In November 2016 my class joined a project on TwinSpace. We are connected with a Polish and a Greek class. First we had to present ourselves. Then we created a logo for the theme “Movies on the move” and started a contest. It was exciting but we didn’t win.

Next we shared our favourite movies and started a chat to discuss the different films with our Polish partners. We also took a picture of our class which was inspired by the film “Ratatouille”.

The next task was to create a quiz about movies on kahoot. It was quite funny.

Once we made a skype session with the Greek students. It was very interesting to see and talk with our partners. It’s a pity we can’t understand their comments on facebook (they are in Greek!).

In January we described some of the most popular films and film stars in Austria and also the Oscars we have already won! Of course the Greek and Polish pupils were doing the same and we learned about the famous Greek film “Mamma mia” and the composer Vangelis.

Finally our WIMO filmcrew staged and filmed some scenes from famous movies. We are really proud of the team and the director Verena Krainer!  

We said good-bye to our partners with Vokis.

I’m excited which projects we will start in the future.  
(Moana Weissenbach)