Vienna’s English theatre: Hamlet

The 3AHM, as well as students of the 4CHW, 5AHM, 5BHW, 4DHW, 5CHW, 4BHW, 5AHW, 3BHW, 4BHM, 4AHW and 5DHW went to see the play Hamlet performed by the Vienna‘s English Theatre on Thursday, 21 February 2019.

In the beginning we were a little confused, because the actors and the one actress played several different roles. We thought it was clever to use a puppet as the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Compared to a professional theatre, they were not as well equipped, but they got the most out of what they had. All of the students liked the play because the actors were very professional and showed a wide range of emotions. Paying attention was never difficult because the scenes were not only acted out very convincingly but also included live music and singing. Even though many characters died during the tragedy, we had a good laugh inbetween, especially at the end with the gravedigger’s scene. It was never boring.  All in all, we were very impressed and would recommend this play to everybody.

Students of 3AHM and Eva Krassnitzer