TED-inspired speech competition: The Mock-Talks

Most of you are probably familiar with the popular TED talks. Ted conferences are organised all over the world and have already been hosted in Austria, even at the “ Schleppe” venue in Klagenfurt.

So the idea to study and analyse some of these interesting talks and later to stage mock Ted talks was born. As we need to practice our speaking skills with the “Matura” exam ahead next year, giving a speech in class while being filmed seemed a useful exercise.

The idea was so popular that 10 partners signed up in February. Of course the platform was a bit crowded first, but we wanted to show that a pan-European cooperation is possible!

After short team introductions we watched various Ted talks and analysed persuasion techniques used by the Ted speakers. Then we developed ideas for our own individual Ted speeches. Each student did her own brainstorming and uploaded the Ted statement for her talk on the twinspace. The spectrum of topics was really wide – ranging from bullfights, the Red Cross and self-motivation to motocross for girls, a healthy lifestyle and even morality.

After having prepared the talk the most demanding part was to deliver the five-minute speech in front of the class- and being filmed at the same time. We shared some very emotional and inspiring moments! After each presentation the students evaluated the speech filling in a google form on their mobile phones.  Thus the most successful speeches were chosen by the students themselves. We agreed to upload the five best speeches for our European partners. Some other countries did the same so that we had 19 speeches on our YouTube playlist by the end of April.

Finally we watched the speeches of our partners and voted for the most persuading and captivating European talks.

We are proud to announce that the speeches by Kristina Niemetz, Melanie Pitrounig and Viktoria Zimmerl are among the winners of the European competition. Congratulations!

(Gertraud Mitsche, with big thanks to my colleague Pia Hautzenberger for her digital support!)