#EUJoy! goes Italy

From 7th to 12th April 2019 the Erasmus project "EUJoy!”, which included Greece, Spain, Romania and Austria as guest countries, took place in Piacenza, Italy. Five of our students (Mariam Hassan, Marina Klava, Elizabeth Mochar, Petra Ott, Celina Sadovnik) went to Piacenza with Prof. Mag. Elfriede Napetschnig and Prof. Mag. Doris Fazlic to participate in the project. The program included some interesting and creative activities such as a treasure hunt in the host city, excursions to Rome and Milan, numerous workshops and the organisation of a festival. For the duration of the project, the guest students stayed with their host families. In the course of the project, all students worked closely together to develop the project's values such as tolerance and openness. The workshops, held in international groups, i.e. mixed groups, provided an ideal opportunity for the students to break the ice between the host countries and to learn from each other. The highlight of the project week was the Festival of Cultures, which featured many different countries.  At the stands, the countries were able to present their customs and traditions, as well as their wonderful landscapes, through posters, pictures and objects. The festival was celebrated with traditional dances and a flashmob with an important message, a famous quote from Albert Einstein: “The only race I know is the human one”. For our students the project was a valuable and exciting experience and an interesting week in which they made new friends.


During the project week in Italy I really liked the cooperation of the participants from the different countries. The trips to Rome and Milan were also unique experiences. I also got along very well with my host family. They were very hospitable and friendly. They also spent their spare time with me and showed me life in Italy. I am very grateful and glad that I was able to participate in the EUJoy! project!


I liked the trip to Rome best. It was fascinating to see the ruins of the peoples of that time in the middle of the big city! My host family was really great, Alice and her parents were very hospitable. It was a great project. I would like to take part in it again in the future!


The EUJoy! project in Piacenza was a wonderful experience. On our arrival at the train station we were welcomed very friendly by the Italian teachers and our host families. On the first day of our stay we were officially welcomed in the Romagnosi school and we were also informed about the agenda of the project week. We gained wonderful impressions of Rome and Milan and worked on various workshops and activities in international groups with Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Italian students. Together we designed the creative part of the Festival of Cultures, which took place at the main square of the city. We spent our last evening together with all the guest students and their Italian colleagues as well as the teachers in a pizzeria. We had a lot of fun at the farewell party and danced into the night! It was a beautiful, but also exhausting week in which we got to see a lot. I liked it very much and I felt very comfortable especially in my host family, because they spoiled me with delicious food.


During the project week in Italy I especially liked the meeting of different cultures. The excursions were great! My host family was also very nice and friendly. I am very happy to have taken part in the project and would join EUJoy! again right away.


I liked the trips to Rome and Milan best, as well as the cooperation among the students and getting to know the different cultures. We were allowed to design our own T-shirt to match the motto of the project and performed a dance together. I liked that very much. My host family was very hospitable and Asia, my hostess, was also really nice. I felt very comfortable in my host family. The farewell party in the pizzeria was very entertaining and fun! I am happy to have participated in this project.