2BHM - eTwinning-Project_Demo Party

Hello Europe!

From October 2019 to May 2020 we worked together with many classes from various European countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Our online project was called Demo Party and included various topics called “demos”.

We started with a self demo and a school demo where we showed our fashion college and our town. With so many partners there were a lot of schools that we found interesting and many partners also liked our creative fashion department.

Then we took part in a language demo with tongue twisters, followed by an art demo where we discussed if fashion is art and also looked for wall paintings in our town which we later hung in virtual galleries. During the science demo we researched the biographies of female scientists and created comics and memes about their lives and achievements.

The last demo was called nature demo. Here we learned about our ecological footprint and we discussed if we could become locavores to help save our planet earth. Locavores try to rely on local produce. Then we created posters to celebrate World Earth Day.

All throughout the etwinning project we got to know various digital applications, from Flipgrid and Padlet to Photofunia, Storyboardthat and Jamboard for example. We also took part in many online chats, especially during the coronavirus shutdown when we shared our experiences with distance learning and how we missed meeting our friends.

Thank you so much our European friends, thank you eTwinning!