Erasmus + project #EUjoy!

Mobility 4: Rosiorii de Vede, Romania


Five WIMO students and two teachers took part in the trip to Romania: Vanessa Dolinschek, Viktoria Linek, Lena Katschnig, Eva Mikula, Magdalena Jordan (4AHW) and the teachers Mag. Napetschnig Elfriede and Mag. Obiltschnig Bernhard.

After a warm welcome we first visited the Anastasescu National College in Rosiorii de Vede together with the teacher from Spain, Romania and Greece and got a short overview about the history of the school and the situation now. As the first topic of this day the students had to think about what the EU means to them: in international groups they discussed values like freedom, peace, unity and other important issues in our democracy.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we made some exciting daytrips to castle Bran, the city of Brasov, the oldest school in Romania and castle Peles.

From Thursday to Friday our students worked in mixed teams together with Spanish, Romanian and Greek students to prepare the debates about the following five motions:

  • The House believes that English should be the only official language in the European Union
  • The House believes that 16-year-olds should be given the right to vote in the EU
  • The House believes that all European national governments should disappear and form the United States of Europe
  • The House believes that everyone in the world has the right to live wherever he/she wants
  • The House believes that the EU should do more to fight against climate change than to improve economy

First the students defined the motions. Secondly, they tried to argue about the pros and cons, after that each student prepared a speech for the debate.

All in all the trip to Rosiorii de Vede was wonderful and enriching experience for all of us. Especially the very good organisation made it easy for us to enjoy the various activities and to get to know the Romanian culture.

Without the Erasmus + project our students as well as the teachers could never have got such incredible impressions of Romania!   (by Bernhard Obiltschnig)

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