eTwinning Project eTw-TRAIN - 3 BHM

Our project this year is a sustainable railway journey around Europe.

The participants have caught the the eTw-TRAIN in September and are virtually travelling around Europe visiting the partner countries: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium. 400 students altogether ?

The students sitting in different compartments are working together in international teams. While travelling, they are creating a travel diary and are taking part in various challenges. By the end of the journey - the end of the school year - the students will be Tolerant, Respectful, Active and Innovative Netizens (hence the title TRAIN).

In September we started to pack our suitcases with items we do not want to miss on our trip around Europe and guessed who the suitcases belonged to.

For the European Day of Languages, we wrote a train dictionary in our various languages and recorded phrases.

Then each partner school took part in a logo competition. A logo created by a Portuguese student won, but a WIMO logo was also listed. Congrats!

From November 1st we were in lockdown again and thus collaborating from home.

Our first station was ART Station dedicated to Tolerance. In ten international teams including designers, reporters, researchers, photographers, IT engineers and even nurses and therapists we decoded a photograph using Google Jamboard. We described, interpreted, analysed, and evaluated the photo of an Afghan girl.

We also took part in the EU Code Week and completed the Europeana Treasure Hunt. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we shared what we are grateful for.

Part 2 of the ART Station was a mission against discrimination. We watched Stories that Move interviews and discussed the situations in our countries in the forum threads. Then we created posters based on the ideas of our team members.

In December we collected photos for our Coming Home for Christmas Advent calendar. This calendar shows all our cities’ train stations and regional traditions.

And of course, we enjoyed various Christmas activities that put us in a festive mood despite the pandemic. Our class teamed up with Croatian students to share Christmas traditions. We also had the pleasure to welcome our Greek partners on a virtual Christmas trip to Carinthia.

Here is the link to our e-book if you want to see more:

What a fascinating eTw-TRAIN journey so far!

And we are already full of plans for the New Year!                        

by Gertraud Mitsche